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The Mission Statement of the Detentions Division is to protect the public and institutional safety through the incarceration of adult offenders in the Douglas County Jail while meeting statutory and constitutional standards of care and provide program opportunities intended to reduce reincarceration.

The Jail, headquartered at the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center, 4000 Justice Way in Castle Rock is home to an average annual inmate population of 350 men and women.

POST-certified Deputies, Jail Specialists, and support staff facilitate the daily functions of the Jail, court services, inmate classifications, inmate programs, and the work-release program.

Special teams and assignment opportunities for Detentions Deputies and Specialist include:

  • Field Training Officer
  • Courts
  • Transports
  • SORT
  • Booking

*You can also become a member of special teams that are not Jail specific such as

  • Wildland Fire Hand crew
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Honor Guard
  • Hazmat Team
  • Bomb Squad